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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use MyPigeon App in more than one device?

Sure! If you own more than one device, you can enjoy MyPigeon App by downloading it using the same Apple ID on all of them. If your iCloud is enabled for MyPigeon App, all your photos and videos saved in My Gallery will be synced.

Why should I enable iCloud Drive for MyPigeon App?

There are a couple of reasons. It is a good idea if you want to make sure your photos and videos remain saved in My Gallery. If you delete the app, change devices or buy new ones, you can sync the content from your original device. Just make sure you are logged in with the same Apple ID since the beginning.

My iCloud is enabled but I can’t see the pigeons. What happened?

Argh. Let’s see what the issue could be:

  • Check if your iCloud is logged in with the same Apple ID since you started. If you are using more than one device, make sure the Apple ID is the same in all of them.
  • Make sure your connection is working properly and your date and time settings are correct.
  • Check the state of your iCloud sync; it has to be on: go to device’s Settings, iCloud and see if MyPigeonApp is switched ON
  • Verify if you have enough space in your iCloud.
  • If everything seems ok, turn iCloud Drive OFF and then turn it on again.

I don’t have iCloud enabled. Will my pigeons be saved?

Yes, but they will only be stored on your primary device. If you delete MyPigeonApp or change devices you will not be able to retrieve these infos. We recommend enabling iCloud.

My app is crashing. Can you help me?

That’s why we are here! First, update MyPigeonApp to its latest version on the App Store and then reboot your device (turn it off and on again). We are constantly improving MyPigeonApp and this action solves the majority of the problems our users come across. If that does not work, send us an email to describing the problem you are having. You can also send videos and screenshots of the problem. We will be happy to help!

Can I use MyPigeonApp while I am offline?

 You can have offline access to any infos saved on MyPigeonApp.